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Wet and Dry polishing machine

Our polishing machine is suitable for grinding and polishing various metal parts with wet grinding and dry grinding. After polishing, dryer is needed.

  • 3-Dimensional Vibratory Finishing Machine

    3-Dimensional Vibratory Finishing Machine

  • Dehydration Dryer

    Dehydration Dryer

  • Double Barrel Drying Polishing Machine

    Double Barrel Drying Polishing Machine

New Arrivals

In addition to high performance products, Qilong provides free technical training, metal grinding test and 24-hour service. That means we allow you to work safety and efficiently-even in extreme conditions.


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Dongguan Qilong Barrel Finishing Machine Co., Ltd. is one of  leading professional manufacturer in China which is specialized in designing and manufacturing various 3-dimensional vibratory finishing machines, high efficiency horizontal vibratory finishing machines, centrifugal high-speed finishing machines, tiltable high-speed vibratory finishing machines, high-speed dehydration machines and hexagonal (octagonal) cylinder grinding machines, also marketing various grinding stones and agents.

Our products are mainly used for chamfering, deburring and polishing on zinc, aluminum, copper, iron, stainless steel and magnesium alloy materials

We have 30 years’ experience on product developing and manufacturing. Adopt Taiwan vibrating motor and high-quality spring and import PU adhesive lining.

Feature Products

The applications for our finishing machine are limitless. Here you will see a gallery of images and videos to find inspiration for your next job.